Winter 2020 Offerings

Winter Visions Creativity Guidance
One-on-one creativity guidance to develop or renew your creative practice or project and envision your creative year ahead. Four sessions (45 minutes, once a week)
$240 if paid in advance 

Creativity Check-In  Initial, stand-alone, introductory session illuminating your creative life, uncovering possibilities and stuck points, and identifying next steps. 1 hour, $75

Creativity Guidance Ongoing Sessions  Ongoing  guidance sessions as follow-up to a Creativity Check-in or Winter Visions, for accountability and support to nurture your creative project into being.  $65 for each 45-minute session, scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly

Renewing your Creative Spirit  A 6-month, in-depth, private, one-on-one, individualized guidance and encouragement through my four-step program to awaken your unique creative expression, raise your vibration and develop engaging, sustainable art practices, based on the natural rhythm of the seasons. One 45-minute session every two weeks for six months, with homework and email support in between and bonus material to enrich your artistic transformation­­­.   $750


More about my creativity guidance programs:

Renewing Your Creative Spirit: A Seasonal Approach to Creativity Guidance

Just as there are rhythms to the natural seasons of nature, there are also rhythms to your creative work.

There are times of rest, renewal and gestation.

There are times of curiosity and initiating new practices, learning new techniques and skills.

There are times of full flourishing creative flow and navigating obstacles and resistance to your own artistic power.

And there are times of harvesting and completion, showing and sharing your work, and letting go, in order to begin a new cycle.

Knowing where you are in your creative rhythm allows you to break down the process to determine where you may be stuck, and focus on your most important next steps toward the vision of what you would most like to create.

How I can help… 

I have created a four-step process to awaken healing and emotional transformation through creative practice, following the natural rhythm of the seasons, working one-on-one and in small groups, both in person and online.

I've helped many find their way into what has often felt like an intimidating world of art making. I can gently guide you through this tender process and help you get started.

If you are already an artist or writer (or any other medium), but can't seem to make it a priority, I can help you develop a strong and consistent practice to allow the body of work that is within you to come forth.

Or if you are grieving or in another difficult transition in your life, I can assist as you bring more color and creative play into your life to keep your life force flowing and help you heal and connect to your deep feeling, inner being.

Based on my years of experience as an artist and teacher, and my dedication to art as healing, I would love to help you with your obstacles to having a fulfilling creative life in the following ways:

  • one-on-one creativity guidance (for ongoing support or specific to a project) in person or online
  • small group creativity guidance and classes in person or online
  • one-on-one private abstract painting mentoring or in a small group
  • home visit to help claim your artistic workspace and set up your studio
  • Grief and Gratitude writing, music, & art-making workshops

If you are ready to renew your creative spirit, email me at to apply to work with me

Lil McGill

Visionary Artist and Creativity Guide