Lil McGill

Visionary Artist and Creativity Guide 

Awakening Life Force Through Creative Expression

It is time to pay attention to that voice, the tug, the pull.  

To let yourself finally step into your full creative self.

Allow me to assist you to:

  •  Begin or deepen your journey
  • Discover your unique creative expression
  • Release blockages and obstacles
  • Realize your full potential
  • Maximize your innate gifts
  • Let yourself flow into your true being with ease

Hello, I am Lil McGill and I am here to guide you through the process of allowing your creative expression to flourish.  

My years of experience in the arts with  people of all ages, abilities and creative outlets has led me  to this offering of my talents and expertise for your growth and expansion.  

Whether you are a writer, painter, musician, craftsperson, dancer, or practice in any other medium, or just want to add more color and play to your life, I can guide you on your way to follow your quest and explore your creative path.

Growing into your identity as a unique creative being will improve all areas of your life and will make a difference in how you fully live as you answer the creative yearning of your soul.  

Beginner to advanced, I will work with you and provide you with  the tools  to actualize your creative vision.  I have helped many navigate what has felt like a daunting, intimidating world and have turned that into a world of pleasure, accomplishment and delight.

Watch how your confidence soars, your happiness increases and your relationships thrive.  My program is designed for you, your desired outcomes and vision, and has undeniable results and success.

You and I would harmonize well if:

  • You know deep down it is time now to nurture your creative spirit.
  • You understand that for you, art-making is not a whim or luxury, but vital to your soul's calling.
  • You choose to take action on the pull and longing to put your attention on the creative part of your life. You know that the health and well-being of yourself and others in your sphere depends upon it.
  • You are willing to be patient and self-compassionate through the tender parts of this awakening process.

If you are ready to renew your creative spirit, email me at

I will send you an application to see if we are a match to begin our work and play together!