Lil McGill

Visionary Artist and Creativity Guide 

Awakening Life Force Through Creative Expression


 You have so much within you to express but you put your creative needs last.

You struggle with having enough time, enough space, enough resources, enough focus to make any headway into the realm of artistic discovery.

You have an inexplicable longing to paint, write, dance, sing or other creative expression, even if it's something you never thought was possible for you, but you don't know how to access it.

You care for everyone. You struggle with self-care and your own health, always taking care of others first.

Your work and other responsibilities are all consuming. You have no energy at the end of a long day to open up in a vulnerable way to a new or ongoing art practice.

 You work hard and give everything you have, but feel you're not enough.

You are self-critical and demanding of yourself.  You are constantly giving of yourself but it is never enough.  There is so much need all around you.

You feel like the problems of the world are so big there's nothing you can do to help in any real significant way. 

In extreme times you may feel unsafe.

You are a deeply feeling soul.

You are sensitive, compassionate and full of love for life itself.

You are keenly aware of the potential for beauty and harmony around you in the natural world and within your community, and feel heartbroken and betrayed by the destructive forces and division disrupting the vision of peace you know is possible

Chances are your nervous system is fragile and needs more rest, care and processing time than you'd like.

Maybe you are grieving.

You have lost someone you love dearly and this has left you feeling unmoored, and questioning.

You deeply care about other people, animals, and the natural world.  You are keenly aware of the changes that are happening all around you. You are grieving the loss of time, the state of the planet, the fate of our children, and the compromised health of humanity as a whole.

Perhaps you are currently experiencing a health crisis, are recovering from or on the brink of illness, due to the stresses of life, and our intricate, mysterious emotional underworld, which has thrown you into a crisis of spirit and purpose.

When your friends or family members suffer, you do your best to help them, and are often taken over by worry and concern.

On top of it all, if you are a caretaker of someone who is ill or dying, if you are depleted and fear risking your own health, you may feel completely overwhelmed.


You know art is healing.

When you are working on your art you feel centered and alive, your energy is increased  but you can't seem to get into the studio.

When you are working on your art you are focused with a fulfilling sense of being on purpose and in the moment but you are thwarted from spending the time or in some cases from even beginning an artistic practice.

You've had a health breakdown or see one coming.  You know where things are headed and it's not good.

You know you can't do the same things anymore. You can't go on business as usual.  It's time to take care of yourself, to take care of your soul.

I was once there too.

My name is Lil McGill and I know intimately what it feels like to lose all of my energy to helping others and ignoring my true calling as a creative being.  I know the vulnerable and tender process of opening to an authentic creative expression. 

When I was 21 and in college I had a life changing experience of lymphatic cancer which transformed my then chosen trajectory and catapulted me into a crisis of spirit and purpose, leading me to find a different way of life more aligned with my inner being.  After recovering and finishing my degree, I immersed myself in a world of artists but still in the role of admin, working in galleries and museums, and managing a group of artists, never believing I was an artist myself.

With the help of an encouraging teacher, I got past the initial pain of my own self-criticism that was blocking my way, and at the right time, in the right way, that door, that window, opened, and I stepped into a world of color and play and endless discovery I never thought possible for myself. I know this is possible for you too.

I am dedicated to art-making as a healing force.

I now have been an abstract painter and have been teaching abstract painting  for many years and have developed my own style of painting (and teaching) that is very open and accessible. I have a fulfilling creative life, in addition to the painting, filled with  poetry, flower photography, bookmaking, nature art (mandalas) and music. 

When my father passed away in 2018, I was deeply affected, and I processed grief through creative work (poetry, piano and painting).

I was so grateful for the direct assistance this writing, art and music provided to heal my spirit and open me to a new dimension and understanding of our existence, that I am dedicated now to help others use creativity and art-making in their healing process.

Creative practice helps everything

Having artistic purpose can help you:

  • slow down and listen, staying centered and aligned with your inner being
  • allow the life force to flow through your body and spirit to regain strength and health
  • raise your vibration, which helps everyone around you too
  • be in a position to genuinely help others from a strong recharged place
  • release yourself from self-criticism and take responsibility for your creative well-being
  • discover artistic freedom by becoming your own authority on what and how you create
  • integrate difficult experiences, transform pain into beauty, metabolize and process grief
  • nurture a sense of wonder and live with deeper gratitude and awe

I believe in you.

If you, as a deeply feeling, sensitive soul, got past the difficult resistance to opening up to your own creative flow, achieving true creative freedom and healing your spirit, this would cause a ripple effect, raising your own vibration and that of everyone around you, thus transforming the energy of the whole planet, one artist at a time.

How I can help… 

  • I have created a four-step process to awaken healing and emotional transformation through creative practice, following the natural rhythm of the seasons, working one-on-one and in small groups, both in person and online
  • I have helped many find their way into what has often felt like an intimidating world of art making. I can gently guide you through this tender process and help you get started.
  • If you are already an artist or writer (or any other medium), but can't seem to make it a priority, I can help you develop a strong and consistent practice to allow the body of work that is within you to come forth.
  • If you are grieving or in another difficult transition in your life and need some more color and creative play to keep your life force flowing and help you heal and connect to your deep feeling, inner being, I can help you establish a simple daily practice that will, simply put, help everything.

Based on my years of experience as an artist and teacher, and my dedication to art as healing, I would love to help you with your obstacles to having a fulfilling creative life in the following ways:

  • one-on-one creativity guidance (for ongoing support or specific to a project) in person or online
  • small group creativity guidance and classes in person or online
  • one-on-one private abstract painting mentoring
  • abstract painting guidance in a small group
  • home visit to help claim your artistic workspace and set up your studio
  • Grief and Gratitude writing, music, & art-making workshops

You and I would harmonize well if:

  • You know deep down it is time now to take care of your creative spirit.
  • You understand that for you, art-making is not a whim or luxury, but vital to your soul's calling.
  • You can no longer ignore the pull and longing to put your attention on the creative part of your life. You know that the health and well-being of yourself and others in your sphere depends upon it.
  • You are willing to be patient and self-compassionate through the difficult and tender parts of this awakening process.

If you are ready to renew your creative spirit,

email me at

to apply to work with me